Chirag Katti, fondly called as ‘Sitar Vaadan ka Naya Chirag’ (a new star in the field of sitar), or ‘The Torch-bearer of musicians family’ is one of the most gifted and talented musician whose youthful exuberance and persona is well expressed through his music.

Ethnomusicologist - Professor Peter Kvetko

Albums & Audio/Video

Chirag is one of the youngest musicians recorded by Saregama H.M.V, the oldest and biggest record label company existing in India




His numerous awards are testimony to the way he has won over both the critics and lay audiences with his confident style of playing



Albums / Collaborations

Apart from his own fusion band 'Strings Rhapsody', Chirag has collaborated with many great artists and bands as a lead soloist and has worked with many Music Composers in Bollywood.