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Chirag Katti, fondly called as ‘Sitar Vaadan ka Naya Chirag’ (a new star in the field of sitar), or ‘The Torch-bearer of musicians family’ is one of the most gifted and talented musician whose youthful exuberance and persona is well expressed through his music.

Learning Sitar from his father Pt.Shashank Katti, Chirag is a graded artist of A.I.R (All India Radio) and a Diploma holder in music from Mumbai University. Chirag is one of the most promising Sitarist in the field of Indian classical music.

Chirag learnt Sitar from his father
Pt.Shashank Katti

A recipient of the prestigious ‘Surmani’ award and scholarship holder for Sitar by the Ministry of Culture (New Delhi), Chirag has performed on many television channels, radio and concerts in India and abroad. Apart from his 8 classical solo USA tours, he has also performed in Japan, South Africa and Dubai.

Achievements and awards

Chirag is one of the youngest musicians recorded by Saregama H.M.V, the oldest and biggest record label company existing in India and has been billed as the youngest sitar maestro of India by Saregama H.M.V.

At this young age Chirag already has many albums to his credit with reputed companies like HMV-Saregama, Times music, Inner Splendor (New York), Silver lining, Strings Magic, Power of Music.

  • Recently, Chirag was invited to perform for the fund raising event in Richmond by Virginia CommonWealth University in presence of Virginia Governor Mr.Bob McDonell and Indian Ambassador Smt. Nirupama Rao
  • Chirag was invited to perform with Boston Viva music (Chamber music)
  • Chirag was invited to perform for honorable Prime Minister Mr.Peter Harry Carstensen of Schleswig-Holstein-Germany; who is also the President of the Bundesrat, Germany's upper house of parliament
  • Chirag is also a diploma holder in music from Mumbai University.
  • Chirag has been awarded the ‘SURMANI’ by Sur-Singar Samsad Mumbai
  • Chirag has been awarded the scholarship for Sitar by the Ministry of Culture, New Delhi. (Government of India).
  • Chirag is an empanelled artist of ICCR
  • Chirag performed at Tokyo Radio Japan when he was only 16 years old.
  • As a College Student, represented Mumbai University and won the first prize at State, Zonal and National level Youth Festival competitions 2005-06 where more than 60 universities participated all over India.
  • Chirag has composed a song for doordarshan as a music director at the age of 15yr


Preformances In
United States

  • US 2014
  • 7th March – Vibgroy Dubai
  • 8th March – Marathi Vishwa – Nj
  • 9th – Raageshree NY
  • 15th – Taalsadhana NJ
  • 16th – ShantiMandir Walden, NY
  • 16th – Vedant Society, Providence
  • 24th – Waring School Boston
  • 2nd April – Brooklyn Massive Raga
  • 12th April – Long island, NY
  • 13th April – Vedant society, Washington DC
  • US Fall 2013
  • 6th September Florida Indian Music Academy-FIMA
  • 7th Sept – Orlando
  • 18th Sept – univ of Richmond
  • 26th – Salem state university
  • 28th – Taalsadhana New Jersey
  • 29th –Festival of India Richmond
  • 4th Oct – Sur Hindol Dubai
  • US Fall 2012
  • 15th September – Cedar Beach, New York
  • 16th September – Cedar Beach, New York
  • 18th September – Salem State University, Boston
  • 20th September – Ryles Club,Cambridge
  • 1st October – Lec-dem/Concert, Boston
  • 3rd October – Lec-dem/Concert, Boston
  • 5th October- Richmond
  • 12th October – TaalSadhana- New Jersey
  • 13th October - Providence
  • US Spring 2012
  • 2nd April – Fund raiser Richmond
  • 6th April – Jefferson Center Ronoake
  • 10th April – Lec-dem/Concert -Rockport High School, Rockport
  • 11th April- Lec-Dem Concert - Beeman Elementary School, Gloucester
  • 21st April – Taalsadhana – New Jersey
  • 26th April- Lec-dem/Concert- Rockport Elementary School, Rockport
  • 27th April- Lec-dem
  • 27th April – Tsai Center
  • 28th April – Lynfeild
  • 29th April – Spring Fest Richmond
  • 1st April – Richmond
  • 3rd April – Richmond
  • 4th April- Learnquest Framingham
  • 5th April – Shrewsbury
  • 5th April – Atfs Shrewsbury
  • 5th April – Brookline
  • 6th April – Long Island
  • US Spring Tour 2011
  • 6th March – Mithas at MIT College of Technology, Boston
  • 18th March – New York
  • 26th March – Chhandayan, New York
  • 2nd April – The Mint, Los Angeles
  • 7th April – Lec-dem/Concert, Holy Cross College, Worcester
  • 8th April – Natraj and Chirag Katti, Framingham
  • 30th April – Cape Cod, MA
  • 13th May- Lec-dem/Concert at Belmont day School
  • 25th May – Lec-dem/Concert at Marblehead Community Charter Public School
  • 26th May – Lec-Dem/Concert at Rockport Elementary School
  • 27th May – Lec-Dem/Concert at East Gloucester Elementary School
  • US Fall Tour 2010
  • 17th September- Lec-dem University of Florida
  • 18th September - Concert University of Florida
  • 19th September - Iskon temple, Gainsville
  • 25th September - Festival of India, Richmond
  • 15th Oct - Canton, MA
  • 3rd Nov - Chianti club, Boston
  • 14th Nov - Ronoake, Virginia
  • 20th Nov - Los Angeles
  • US Spring tour 2010
  • 8th April- Lec-Dem Holy Cross College,Worcester.
  • 9th April- Holy Cross College, Worcestor
  • 11th April- Peabody museum, Essex, MA.
  • 14th April-Lec-Dem Waring School,Beverly, MA.
  • 15th April- Boston Viva Music (Symphony Orchestra).
  • 16th April- Boston Viva Music (Symphony Orchestra).
  • 17th April- Boston Viva Music (Symphony Orchestra).
  • 21st April- Waring School, Beverly, MA.
  • 23rd April - Boston Viva Music (Symphony Orchestra).
  • 24th April - Boston Viva Music (Symphony Orchestra).
  • 9th May - Boyds, MD.
  • US tour 2009
  • 3rd Oct- Boca Raton, FL.
  • 4th OCt- Workshop,FL
  • 5th Oct- Salem State College, MA.
  • 10th Oct-Ustad Allarakha Gurupurnima Celebrations, Boston, MA.
  • 11th Oct- Festival of India Richmond, VA.
  • 16th Oct- University of Virginia, Charlottesville.
  • 31st Oct- Brookline, MA.
  • 1st Nov- Hopkinton, MA.
  • 6th Nov - Omaha, Nebraska

Preformances In

  • Concerts in Mumbai
  • Performed on 25th Jan 2015 at Mahatman Gandhi Seva Mandir,Bandra
  • Performed for Aditya Birla Center-Baithak on 19th October 2013
  • Performed for IMG St Xaviers on 1st May 2013
  • Performed for Chembur Fine Arts on 23rd Dec 2012
  • Performed for Udayan on 11th Aug 2012
  • Performed for at NCPA, for ICCR on 16th March 2012
  • Performed for Dadar Matunga Cultural Center on 21st Jan 2012
  • Performed for Khayal Trust on 11th Dec 2011
  • Performed at Kalavishwa,Tardeo on 20th Dec 2010
  • Performed for Shree Ganesh Cultural Academy,Thane on 11th July 2010
  • Performed for Kalyan Gayan Samaj on 21st June 2009
  • Performed for Omkarnath Music Foundation Trust on 8th March 2009
  • Performed for Sharda Sangeet Vidyalaya on 27th Dec 2008
  • Performed for IMG St.Xaviers on 21st November 2008
  • Performed for Karnataka sangha on 15th june 2008
  • Performed for Chaturang Pratishtan on 26th April 2008
  • Performed for ITC-SRA and Ambernath music circle on 13th January 2008
  • Performed at Shruti Music Circle on 16th June 2007
  • Performed at Pratibha manch by Swar Foundation on 21st May 2007
  • Performed at 'Fine Arts - Chembur' on 11th February 2007
  • Performed at ‘NGMA’ for Udayan on 23rd December 2006
  • Performed at ‘U.Bade Ghulam Ali Yaadgaar Sabha’ on 29th Sept.2006
  • Performed at ‘Chaitrapalvi’ by Chaturang Pratishthan on 28th May 2006
  • Performed at ‘Swaralay’ by Khayal Trust on 29th April 2006
  • Performed at ‘Arohi’ by Pancham Nishad on 21st May 2005.
  • Performed at ‘Dadar-Matunga Cultural Center’ on 13th February 2005.
  • Performed at ‘Nadbrahma Sangeet Sabha’ Borivali on 10th September 2006 and 20th June 2004.
  • Performed at ‘Prathamesh Sangeet Sabha’ Vile Parle on 22nd August 2004.
  • Performed at ‘Tilak Mandir Sangeet Sabha’ Vile Parle on 22nd September 2004.
  • Performed at Bhavans college,,Andheri
  • Performed at ‘Kala Ghoda Fusion Festival’.

Preformances In

  • Concerts in india
  • Performed at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Dharwad on 13th Feb 2015
  • Performed at Pt.Jitendra Abhisheki Mahatsov, Pune on 23rd Feb 2014.
  • Performed at 26th Devnandan Ubhaykar Yuva Sangeet Mahotsav Banglore,on 26th Aug 2012
  • Performed at 20th Mama Saheb majumdar Samaroh,Indore on 20th Nov 2011
  • Performed at Jhansi on 1st Nov 2011
  • Performed at Kalayatan valsad on 24th September 2011
  • Performed at Mahashivratri Festival, Beneras on 2nd March 2011
  • Performed at Mehfil, Nagpur on 13th February 2011
  • Performed at Irravali festival Chandrapur on 29th January 2011
  • Performed at Jivhala Puraskar, Pune on 10th January 2009
  • Performed for Gandharva Mahavidyalay Pune on 25th November 2008
  • Performed for Ustad Allaudin Khan Academy (Bhopal), Yuva Sangeet Samaroh, Shahdol Madhya pradesh on 9th August 2008.
  • Performed at Pt.Jitendra Abhisheki samaroh Aurangabad on 19th april 2008
  • Performed at Davel Club Kolhapur on 8th February 2008
  • Performed at ‘Swarajagar’ by Kalashitij at Nagpur on 17th December 2006.
  • Performed at ‘Dr.Prabha Atre Foundation’, Pune on 17th September 2006.
  • Performed at MIT College of Engineering, Pune of 4th August 2006
  • Performed at ‘Zorins’on 12th January 2005 before Ustad Zakir Hussain (Sirsi).
  • Performed at ‘Saptak’ (Nagpur) on 17th December 2005
  • Performed at ‘Kalasangam’ Sirsi (Karnataka) on 20th November 2004.
  • Performed at ‘Sri Bhuvansehvari Sangeet Mahotsav’ Sirsi (Karnataka) on 21st November 2004.
  • Performed at ‘Vibhasum’ M.G.C college, Siddapur (Karnataka) on 22nd November 2004.
  • Performed at ‘Nana-Maharaj Dattajayanti Utsav’ Indore 9th December 2003.
  • Performed at Maharashtra Mandal Bhopal.
  • Performed at Shri Sadguru Sangeet Vidyalaya Aurangabad
  • Chirag has performed jugalbandi’s with his guru and father Pt.Shashank Katti at various venues
  • Chirag also performs fusion with his band ‘Strings Rhapsody’.
  • Chirag has also worked with many Bollywood music-directors like Pyarelalji (Laxmikant-Pyarelal), Pritam, Amit Trivedi, Monty Sharma, Sandesh Sandilya, Anand Raj Anand, Louiz Banks, Ustad Taufiq Qureshi to name a few. Other than this he has recorded and performed live for many private albums


‘Sitar Rhapsody’ is a fusion band composed and created by Chirag Katti. Essentially, it is a fusion ensemble that blends compositions based on Indian Classical music played through Sitar with Keyboards and Base Guitar on the melody, accompanied by Drums and Tabla for Western and Hindustani rhythm.

Fusion Set up

  • slide 1
  • slide 2
  • slide 3
  • slide 4
  • slide 5
  • slide 6
  • slide 7
  • slide 8
  • Technical Rider
  • 3 line outs for Sitar- with DI boxes
  • 2 Line outs for Keyboards
  • Line out for Bass with Amp speakers and one power point
  • 2-3 Microphones for Tabla and percussions.
  • Professional Drum kit Microphones - 8
  • 4-5 Monitors on stage
  • 6*4 Riser for Sitar and 4*4 Riser for Tabla. OR one 8*6 Riser for Sitar and Tabla, with Clean
  • White Sheet (No Gaddas)

indian Setup

Sitar Rhapsody with Indian Set up Consists of all the traditional Indian folk and classical instruments combined together to showcase the rich musical heritage of India.

  • Technical Rider
  • Riser 20*10- 2 - 2 1/2 feet with a Clean White bed sheet properly covered.
  • OR
  • 4*4 Separate Risers for SITAR, TABLA, PAKHAWAJ, FLUTE and one 6*4 riser for JAL TARANG
  • Mikes:
  • Sitar- one line out with DI Box and one micro phone with small stand
  • Flute - One microphone with stand
  • Jal Tarang - Five microphones with stands
  • Pakhawaj and percussions - 3-4 microphones with stands
  • Tabla - 2 microphones with stands
  • EP cable for Tanpura through Ipod
  • 4-5 Monitors on stage
  • slide 1
  • slide 2
  • slide 3
  • slide 4
  • slide 5
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